Friday, May 29, 2009

Pork in Tekong

during my BMT on tekong, many strange things happened, but none that i've encountered personally... i think if you just think right, and don't let it affect you, you should be fine.

i think pork is allowed right? but they need to be blessed and stuff? isn't pork served at cookhouse (non-muslim area, of course). at least, that was what i was told... i can't remember for sure.

anyway! i had a section mate, who studied overseas for many years and disblieved the idea that unblessed pork can't be brought in... so he made his grandfather buy a big pack of bak gwa for him.

***, he was walking all over tekong eating it during parents visiting day... all the regulars i think also a bit shocked but didn't say much cos his parents with him.

immediately that night for no reason, he kena fever AND pneumonia. i mean, the onset of pneumonia would have some symptoms like coughing and what not, but his came immediately.

then he keep getting fever siah. never got better... in the end my OC went temple to pray almost everyday when he found out what happened, and set up some praying stuff on his own and some other regulars.

he got better the next day (not full recovery). although it could be a co-incidence, it's kinda strange about the onset of the illness.

another guy who was an accounts graduate went to the toilet one night, saw another guy outside the toilet. he said... "oi, f**ker! you also high tide cannot sleep is it? taken a piss yet? faster pee and go back to bed lah! tomorrow outfield leh, ch** by*!"

he cursed some more when he came out of the toilet... but then when he reached his bunk, he realised something wrong, cos of the color of the clothes the other "guy" was wearing.

the graduate wasn't wearing specs, and was quite groggy as he just woke up, so he wasn't sure what he saw, and quickly ran out to see if the guy is still there, but didn't see anyone...

and all the other section's bunk doors are closed and he didn't hear any of them open or close... the next day... he also kena fever. in the end fever until OOC.

another time in my section... when i came in from toilet, saw a group of people huddled together whispering, and found out... that in the middle of the night before, the jockey cap that's hung on the side of the locker...

started swaying on its own!

first it began gently... then more and more! it was swinging in a way that it can't be the fan or the wind... why cos it just immediately went back to the normal position from the wild swinging it was in.

and more than 1 guy saw it... i think about 4 guys... all facing the locker.

i think the only time i had an encounter was in OCS when i was on wing CDO... i was sleeping when the phone rang... so i identified myself and asked who the caller was looking for...


then... wah lao eh, a damn erie female voice siah. i mean, i don't think will have female callers at that time in the night from within SAFTI... plus where do people get the number from???

she kept saying "i'd like to talk" and she kept repeating inbetween long silences. i tried to wake my cadet sergeant up, but... the bloody ass was sleeping.

i asked if she'd like to leave a msg... i identified myself again, asked her if she's looking for someone... no matter what i said...

"i'd like to talk"

i hung up siah. it was about midnight when the call came...

i crawled back up to my bed and after about i think 10 or 15 minutes... suddenly another wing's CDO came and asked why MIDO can't call through...

so i went to check the phone to see if i mishooked the cradle, but nothing wrong... so i picked it up to test call (and explain) to MIDO or ASDO... put the phone to my ear.


"i'd like to talk"


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