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"i'd like to talk"

during my BMT on tekong, many strange things happened, but none that i've encountered personally... i think if you just think right, and don't let it affect you, you should be fine.i think pork is allowed right? but they need to be blessed and stuff? isn't pork served at cookhouse (non-muslim area, of course). at least, that was what i was told... i can't remember for sure.anyway! i had a section mate, who studied overseas for many years and disblieved the idea that unblessed pork can't be brought in... so he made his grandfather buy a big pack of bak gwa for him.knn, he was walking all over tekong eating it during parents visiting day... all the regulars i think also a bit shocked but didn't say much cos his parents with him.immediately that night for no reason, he kena fever AND pneumonia. i mean, the onset of pneumonia would have some symptoms like coughing and what not, but his came immediately.then he keep getting fever siah. never got better... in the end my OC went temple to pray almost everyday when he found out what happened, and set up some praying stuff on his own and some other regulars.he got better the next day (not full recovery). although it could be a co-incidence, it's kinda strange about the onset of the illness.another guy who was an accounts graduate went to the toilet one night, saw another guy outside the toilet. he said... "oi, f**ker! you also high tide cannot sleep is it? taken a piss yet? faster pee and go back to bed lah! tomorrow outfield leh, ch** by*!"he cursed some more when he came out of the toilet... but then when he reached his bunk, he realised something wrong, cos of the color of the clothes the other "guy" was wearing.the graduate wasn't wearing specs, and was quite groggy as he just woke up, so he wasn't sure what he saw, and quickly ran out to see if the guy is still there, but didn't see anyone...and all the other section's bunk doors are closed and he didn't hear any of them open or close... the next day... he also kena fever. in the end fever until OOC.another time in my section... when i came in from toilet, saw a group of people huddled together whispering, and found out... that in the middle of the night before, the jockey cap that's hung on the side of the locker...started swaying on its own!first it began gently... then more and more! it was swinging in a way that it can't be the fan or the wind... why cos it just immediately went back to the normal position from the wild swinging it was in.and more than 1 guy saw it... i think about 4 guys... all facing the locker.i think the only time i had an encounter was in OCS when i was on wing CDO... i was sleeping when the phone rang... so i identified myself and asked who the caller was looking for...*silence*then... wah lao eh, a damn erie female voice siah. i mean, i don't think will have female callers at that time in the night from within SAFTI... plus where do people get the number from???she kept saying "i'd like to talk" and she kept repeating inbetween long silences. i tried to wake my cadet sergeant up, but... the bloody ass was sleeping.i asked if she'd like to leave a msg... i identified myself again, asked her if she's looking for someone... no matter what i said..."i'd like to talk"i hung up siah. it was about midnight when the call came...i crawled back up to my bed and after about i think 10 or 15 minutes... suddenly another wing's CDO came and asked why MIDO can't call through... so i went to check the phone to see if i mishooked the cradle, but nothing wrong... so i picked it up to test call (and explain) to MIDO or ASDO... put the phone to my ear.*silence*"i'd like to talk"
__________________regards,taxico,BMedSc, MDDoctor of MedicineF.A.C.P., F.A.C.M.


The SwingFor those whose unit or reservist is at Sungei Gedong, surely you would know about the long stretch of road leading far into AETC(Armour engineer training center). It is definitely a bane for guard duty personnels who have to pass by that route in total darkness, no times no less! Well here goes the story.A group of my platoon and unit mates were chosen for guard duty on a weekday. This meant the duty would be from 6pm to 8am the next day. At 5.45pm, after drawing arms, washing up and consuming our dinner, 15 of us marched over to the guardhouse. The RPs were glad to see us arrive and they waited for the Guard 2IC to take over duties. Duties were quickly assigned, and some of us choose to be the prowlers and the rest sentries. At the request of another platoon mate, i agreed to be prowler for 3 shifts (Each prowler had to do a total of 3 shifts, with 4 hour breaks in between, as there are three groups). The first shift went without any mishap, as the sun had not set. Nightsnack is always welcomed during guard duty However it was during the second shift that I met with that incident. As usual we drew our arms, torchlight and comms set. We set off on the path from the back of the ATC stadium towards the 46SAR vehicle shed. Dogs were seem to be everywhere, with even a pair following us for quite a distance. At this point in time, at around 12mn, things were pretty serene and silent, with perhaps the occasional lights in some of the bunks. It was during the turn into the AETC route that i noticed something strange. There is a vehicle parking area on the right infront of AETC. While walking past it, the front lamp suddenly flickered out, and i noticed that the gates were actually open (the metal chains holding on to the gates were loose). Looking into the distance in the dark, i could see that there was a "swing" and it was moving! Without a doubt, i was shocked but managed to keep my calm to continue into the old AETC vehicle shed... (which is even creepy, especially since the whole area is abandoned). By the time we came out and passed by the same path, the gate was locked and the lamp was on again! The final shift of my duty, I noticed that the gate was the same condition, locked and lamps on...With that, we ended our guard duty for that errie night and went back for the next day of lessons

Legend of Tekong

Stories that when you go to tekong, you are prohibited to bring pork and such to the island also has its stories. They used to say a long time ago, a new recruit arrived on tekong and began his bmt training. Shortly, family members were allowed to visit the son and find out abt his living conditions etc. The mother out of love brought over the son's fav food---char siew bao. The new recruit saved the bao for a light night snack so he kept the bao in his locker. At night when everyone was about to sleep, the recruit suddenly shaked violently and screamed out loud. The platoon sergeant that was on his rounds immediately ran to the bunk and asked the other recruits to hold him down. The sergeant then chanted some prayers and the shaking recruit just fainted. The next day, the sergeant inquired the recruit about what had happened and etc. The recruit just said that his mom had bought him char siew bao and that just when he was about to eat it, he feel cold and the rest he could'nt remember anymore. The sergeant told the recruit tekong used to be a muslim populated island so never bring pork or the likes over to this island for fear that the spirits on the island will be enraged.

another story about tekong 1999...

Palau Tekong BMT in Year 1999 Would like to share this story, which happened to me during the year 1999 I am enlisted to Palau Tekong for BMT, I am under the obese batch (meant only for the fat). There are many strange happenings that I encounter which I will share with you my dear readers. 1st story Hawk Platoon have just completed 10km route march, the weather was hot and most of us have difficulty walking a long distance like this carrying 10kg worth of equipment. Night fall came and we have finished the march returning arms and off to do all the necessary before we hit the slack. As I am the arm squad man for the day, I am tasked to fully check arms before closing of the arms store, as I make my way up to my bunk I felt that something was tailing me. I shake off everything as imagination, too tired perhaps or too sleepy to think correctly. Just then, I heard a voice shouting.... "I just want to die let me jump, let me jump..." It is then I realised got free show... I was on the fifth floor and the voice came from the sixth which was my bunk... I ran up and got a fright of my life. It was dead quiet so quiet that you will hear a pin dropping... Then all of a sudden, I feel a blow into my ears... Trust me I ran for my life, I did not even look back and luckily for me my bunk is just maybe less than 8m away from me (I live near the staircase) . I then jump onto my bed, did not have the courage to bath or do anything. The next day I have a platoon mate who have third eyes (he is a typical ah beng, front tattoo Nezhe, back Guan Gong, side arm is Thai scripture which I don know how to spell sorry), he told me yesterday something was disturbing him and he look sad and told him he looking for a substitute. Then I know how lucky I am, lucky that day I did wear my Buddha that is why I managed to get away. 2nd story Our whole platoon is at the range and firing away as this is the last range before we will be posted out to unit. As the toilet is under renovation I decided to run to the back and have a cigar as well as take a leak, I was wrong something even more sinister is waiting for me. It is a night range and yes, there are no light expect for the moon and the renovation toilet light. I am urgent for a leak and cigar before I went for my final shoot, I told my officer I need to go to the gents and will be back 5 mins. He agrees and off I ran to the back, I took out my cigar and lighted it then took out my pistol shooting away happily until..... I noticed the tree in front of me is shaking violently, so violently that it is swinging from left to right to and fro.. I know that could be done by a monkey but come on it is nearly 12am and which idiot monkey would be so free? Then I felt something that I never felt before... My Buddha is getting hotter and hotter...... I started to turn back throwing away my cigar, but not running and not wanting to alert any strange beings that will be following me. I begin to walk back just then that platoon mate of mine started to look into my direction and he shouted run.... I ran back to his direction and he told me to shut up, my instructor then walked clamly over and asks my mate.... " If this is a sick joke, you goin to Detention Barracks, there is 3 misfire because of you." " Ok Sir before you charge me I want to speak to Encik" " Ok I will let u speak to him" Encik went next to him and they strated to whisper, my Encik ask me over in a while's time and ask me if I do wear a Buddha. I took out my Buddha and realised that it is broken into half. The casing and the gold surrounding it is ok just that the Buddha cracked in the middle by itself and it is greenish in color. The range was ceased and will be resumed the next day, thus all our schedule will be changed. The day affair was kept a hush hush kind of thing but all of us know that something was wrong. The next day came and I managed to catch hold of my mate.... "Hey what did you see yesterday? I think it is something that I should not know but I hope that you will tell me." "Yesterday I saw something sinister behind you and I tell you would not want to know..." "Ok like that it is because of what my Buddha crack?" "That thing tried to harm you, it is taking out a knife or something like that and stabbing you. I believe that is why your Buddha cracks and protected you." The rest of the events went naturally and nothing was discovered. 3rd Story Posted to unit 41 SAR Everyday I was being ordered around and I have little friends and most of them I do not know them at all. At that time I am a driver (I am sure you will say that is good life but I lost a good 15kg so tell me is it a lousy life?), I am doing more duties more than others. I then was out field in one events that make me more cautious of my surrounding. Aug 2nd I was out field and damn tired driving my 3 toner, had not slept for more than 21 hrs... Finally got a chance to rest but during resting a few tanks went pass me and at the rate, it is going I can count four tanks per 15 mins. The exercise ended at 2330 hrs and I need to clean my vehicle first in Sungei Gedong before I can move out... After cleaning I am all alone driving back to my main unit in CCK (attached to HQ Amour), I always thought that I might met something along the way as I need to go through cemeteries before I can hit the expressway. But luckily never met (if you read properly that is the seventh month), I am happily driving back to my unit. I drove past my guardhouse and was humming to myself as tomorrow is the weekend. I then proceed to park my vehicle in my vehicle lot... That is where the nightmare begins... While reversing I always make sure I look properly otherwise got charge or sabo also don know why. As I was reversing I stepped on the brake making my brake light on, to my horror I saw a figure behind waving to me... I stopped the vehicle and confirmed again to make sure rubbed my eyes and figure is gone. I confirm saw that thing but it just disappears, I decided to reverse again (my Encik is a Devil if did not do properly hehe confirmed weekend burned). Just when reversing I heard a loud bong... I stepped on the brake again and look in my rear mirror; I was very shocked that there was this figure or rather half figure and waving at me. I stepped on my fuel to drive into my MT line. I jumped down the vehicle and left the engine running ran into the room and my two duty driver look at me, with what the hell look... I told them what I saw, they told me they have experienced the force tonight and that is why they did not sleep.. They felt a hand pulling their leg and slapping on their face. I was then accompanied by my mate to off the engine and sleep together in the office, yes in the morning I did not wake up early enough and my Encik came into the room with his face black and told me "You today no need to go home" That�s the life of a NSF man....

3RD DOOR IN CHARLIE COY IN TEKONG (note: this was taken from a circulating email)

It is a well-known fact that Pulau Tekong has a number of ghost cases.Some of you readers may have read or heard about the ghost at Charlie Company at the old basic military camp one. Unfortunately, some versions that I read or heard have been distorted over the years. Here, I hope to set the record straight. Instructors and trainees of Charlie Company, Infantry Training Depot during the March-June 1983 period can vouch for my version of the story. It is NOT my intention to revive hurtful memories especially for the bereaved family or to blame anyone, but purely to narrate facts as they had happened. The starting point of this true story should be the 16 Km route march about 20 years ago. Before the march, the Officer Commanding of the company asked the trainees whether anyone was sick or not feeling well.No one put up his hand. But there was a trainee among the company,Recruit Tham W.K., who was down with flu but did not put up his hand. Then the route march started. The platoons took turns to lead the company after each break during the route march. Sometimes, the pace of the march became too hot for some trainees, who could not keep pace and had to fall out. They became stragglers and had to be picked up by a few instructors walking at the rear of the company. The landrover with the medical orderly was also supposed to be at the rear. Somehow, Tham fell out and managed to slip out of view by taking cover in the forest. He was not to be seen alive again. During subsequent rest breaks, there were head-counts. He was presumed to be with the medical orderly. It was only in the evening after the route march, when the the rifles were due to be returned to the armoury, that they realised Tham was missing. They went to the medical centre but he was not there. The instructors feared the worst. Overnight, they organised a night-search party for him, re-tracing the 16-Km route taken earlier in the day. They could not find him. The next day, the entire Camp I ceased training and batches of instructors and trainees were dispatched to find Tham. It was only about 5 p.m. that his own platoon commander (PC) found his corpse. Near a forest track junction, the PC noticed a half-pictched tent. He called out but there was no response. As he neared the tent, he noticed many flies buzzing around and detected a foul stench. There lay before him his dead trainee, lying with one hand holding his rifle and the other hand outstretched with a water bottle, with its cover opened. The PC broke down in tears and wept openly. (A subsequent post-mortem showed that Tham had apparently died of stomach rupture. When his body system was still hot from the heat of the route march, against the advice of instructors, he had apparently gulped down massive amounts of water suddenly. It was like pouring ice cubes into a thin glass of hot water, which can cause the glass to crack. But the post mortem also found puncture marks on his body, which could not be satisfactorily explained to this day.) It was left to the Company Sergeant Major and his landrover driver to drive the corpse back to camp for transfer to the mortuary. It was twilight at that time. Inexplicably, the engine could not start. The thought of the two of them spending the night with the corpse unnerved them. But eventually, they somehow had the engine started and returned safely to base. The late Tham was promoted to rank of Corporal(Non-Commission-Officer) and cremated at Mount Vernon with full military honours. As the company trainees lined the road snaking up to the crematorium to salute our late comrade, it was a heart-breaking sight to see a distraught mother being supported by two daughters following the hearse. A few instructors returned to the site where he departed from this world, to offer incense and prayers. One instructor asked the late Tham not to come back and haunt us, but rather to express his last wishes in a dream so that his soul could rest in peace after his wishes were fulfilled. But Tham did not listen. Incident 1: One of the instructors came to the Platoon 9 bunk to remove his personal effects. When he opened up his metal cupboard, there was a foul stench from inside that could not be explained. Incident 2: In the dead of the night, some trainees of Charlie Company heard Tham's voice shouting for the platoon or company to fall in at the common company compound. Incident 3 (more scary): One of the platoon 9 section mates woke up in the middle of the night and saw the white figure of Tham's ghost standing in front of his former cupboard ! He bolted to the next double-decker bed, grabbed to share his blanket and said "ghost!" The next morning, the platoon mates could see two trainees pale and ashened by the encounter. Incident 4: During one of the subsequent route marches (by Golf Company), the company noticed a figure of a soldier in full battle order standing in the distance among some trees. The OC (a former Commando Captain) dashed forward to take a closer look. He quickly ordered the whole company to double past without slowing down to see what he saw. Subsequent route marches were diverted to avoid that area of sighting. It's been a long time since I last set foot on Pulau Tekong in June 1983. But I heard that the bunk in which the late Tham used was converted into a lecture room and subsequently into a store room. The room was installed with padlocked doors for obvious reasons. Over the years, generations of trainees who became instructors passed down their version of Tham's story by word of mouth, which unfortunately got distorted in the process. May his soul rest in peace. " here's a follow-up... "Another sources : From a MT-WO(Military Transport Warrant Officer), who happened to be one of the bunk mates of that poor guy. "It happened in the 80s when there were some kampongs on Tekong, and the camp was known as ITD (Infantry Training Depot). The (chinese) guy was sick, but he was 'told' to join the march. The march was along the perimeter of the island. During a break, we found the guy disappeared. Thought the guy might be sleeping at one of the previous resting points, a few of us backtracked and found him - near the hotspring (FYI- there is one hotspring at northen part of Tekong - a dense swampy area with a lot of dead frogs(?)found) with the bigger end of his 'chang-ko'(a small spade for trench-digging) stick seemed thrusted into his chest." "The guy was wrapped in groundsheet (a big green, polyethene sheet). Because the body had to be examined by investigating officers before removal to mainland, and they only arrived by next morning, we had to brought him back to our bunk and placed on his bed for one night. From that night onwards, we encountered occasional ghostly sounds & smells in the bunk, and his buddy had nightmares of the dead guy asking something from him. After much complains, the officers decided to bring in the resident Taoist priest to solve the situation. After performing a ritual, the priest said that the spirit of the guy was trapped in the bunk because both doors of the bunk were blocked by holy powers (FYI, for those who lived in Camp 1 bunks may noticed there were small triangular plates on top of every doors. It is said that these triangular plates were blessed by the four major religions to prevent you-know-what from entering the bunks) and cannot exit from the bunk to go to the 'other' world. The priest proposed a third doorway to be made at the most 'yin'(darkest) part of the bunk, which happened to be the middle of the wall, just for the spirit to have a 'direct' exit to the other world.(in other words, that door supposed to be a gateway to netherworld!!) and no living men should use it. That's how the third door came about." Unfortunately, the third door did not mark the end of the ghostly encounters, as hauntings still reported from at the bunk. My first-hand experience with this special bunk, which was converted into a storeroom, was during rehearsal for the pass-out parade. Four of us saw the light inside the bunk flicked on & off once (the CSM just said something wrong with electricity) before we went in the locked bunk to draw out some stores. Inside I saw the third door, which was just a wooden board with hinges at its side, no doorknob and was padlocked. Just before we left the bunk we heard someone moaned softly behind us, but no one there.... "

Sungei Gedong and tekong

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hahaha ext !!! last few weeks and yesterday got show A Chinese Ghost Story 1 ~ 3, 1am start but everytime i fall asleep b4 it finish =X Aniwae...during army days my company got a few cases of ghost encounter but i remember 2 more clearly...Once upon a time in sungei gedong camp...on one of the windy and cold of my bunk mates woke up in the middle of the night when he heard some one calling his name...when he open his eyes he saw this black shadow at first he thought it's me but he saw me sleeping on my bed(i sleep juz beside the door)...this dark shadow was signalling "come come" to my friend with his friend said something to that shadow which i dun remember clearly...i think he say i didn't disturb u, u better don't disturb me...then the shadow juz give out a laugh and disappeared...the next day I woke up, he told me this and said that the ghost was standing infront of my bed only. Another case is when one of the platoon 3 guy woke up in the mid-night and he feel that something was at his right, he turn right and saw this head near his bunk mate's leg and the head slowly go down, he scared until he faster go and sleep then slowly one by one start to fell sick, mostly fever, then a few guys from platoon 2 start to fell sick oso but den platoon 1(my platoon)guys didn't fell sick leh. ppl say in tekong, during thursday nites there shouldn't be any outdoor activities coz tekong last time is a Malay village and thursday for them is like the ghost festival for Chinese where all these ghosts will come out for a nite's off but den tht time i become enemy for the scouts and have to camp in the forest and ambush any scouts who gong gong walk past us lol and thursday nite we're still out in the forest kaoz but den didn't see any ghost leh =X Aniwae for ghost stories.... goto.... <--- a whole lot of ghost stories!!! Edited by Darkshadows on Mon Nov 20, 2006 12:43 pm (1 time)