Friday, May 29, 2009

Charlie company, Tekong

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BY: freestyle

16-05-2003, 09:39 PM

most famous is the tekong old bmtc the soc jacob ladder lor

got a lady comb her hair..

once was there, heard that the charlie company was haunted, so they demolished the building.

my friends n i went to recee n din find charlie company..

we couldn't find it at first.. then dunoe where, pop out one 2lt.. from tekong one.. got the pass and everything.. din really look @ the pass.. then asked him if he knew anything about the charlie company.. he said he knew n brought us to see the building..

it was indeed demolished.. just left the concrete on the ground nia..

then turn around wanna ask him, he vanished.. couldn't find him..

Then like very errie.. then we went back to our admin area...

bo bian, we were stationed there.. damn it.. but that place is usually out of bounds..

anyway, heard the reason they had to pull it down was because they wan it to absorb more sunlight..hmmm

dunoe how true was that..

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