Saturday, September 22, 2007

Legend of Tekong

Stories that when you go to tekong, you are prohibited to bring pork and such to the island also has its stories. They used to say a long time ago, a new recruit arrived on tekong and began his bmt training. Shortly, family members were allowed to visit the son and find out abt his living conditions etc. The mother out of love brought over the son's fav food---char siew bao. The new recruit saved the bao for a light night snack so he kept the bao in his locker. At night when everyone was about to sleep, the recruit suddenly shaked violently and screamed out loud. The platoon sergeant that was on his rounds immediately ran to the bunk and asked the other recruits to hold him down. The sergeant then chanted some prayers and the shaking recruit just fainted. The next day, the sergeant inquired the recruit about what had happened and etc. The recruit just said that his mom had bought him char siew bao and that just when he was about to eat it, he feel cold and the rest he could'nt remember anymore. The sergeant told the recruit tekong used to be a muslim populated island so never bring pork or the likes over to this island for fear that the spirits on the island will be enraged.

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